Friday, October 8, 2010

Attack of the Chicken Nugget Man Books Are Now Available in Even More Bookstores!

I'm pleased to announce that my books are now available in several more bookstores.

Here's a comprehensive list (each link takes you directly to my books):

Barnes & Noble

As always, you can buy the books directly from the nonprofit publisher by clicking here. When ordering from the publisher, use the coupon code chickennuggetfan at checkout to get free Priority Mail shipping or heavily discounted FedEx Ground shipping.

These bookstores also carry my books.  If you are a bookstore owner/manager and would like to carry my books, please contact the publisher by clicking here.
Northgate Books (Durham, NC) Preferred Partner Store**
Falls River Books (Raleigh, NC) Preferred Partner Store**
A Sea of Learning (Durham, NC)
Teacher's Pet (Morehead City, NC)
Teachers N Treasures (King, NC)
Quail Ridge Books (Raleigh, NC)
Broadfoots of Wendell (Wendell, NC)

Click here to buy my books from small independent bookstores!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

An Obscure Author Victory

Today, just a few moments ago, actually, I was fortunate enough to have one of those "obscure author victories."  That's my phrase for little events that seem like no big deal to the rest of the world, but mean EVERYTHING to little-known children's book authors.  They are no different from the "activist victories" that I experienced as a student activist in college, or "teacher victories" from the classroom.  Having a college consider changing a campus policy because of your efforts, getting a struggling student to say, "ah-hah" in a moment of sudden understanding-- these little events keep me going.  I dream big, but I don't anticipate big.  I know my books aren't going to be turned into award-winning films or lead to the Chicken Nugget Man becoming a household name, but I recognize a little victory when I see one.

Today, while tracking book sales on various sites, I was pleasantly surprised to see a new list on  Amazon lets customers create lists that they can use to recommend products they like to other customers.  Customers create lists like, Great Summer Reading Books, and Top 10 Fiction Books I've Read.  I discovered that among the well-known titles in a customer named Penelope's list, Memorable Books, was a familiar title: Attack of the Chicken Nugget Man, by Kumar Sathy.

And so Penelope-- Amazon customer from San Diego, California-- reader, list-maker,'ve officially made my day.