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Letters from My Young Readers!
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Book Reviews 
of Attack of the Chicken Nugget Man by Parents, Students, Teachers, and Administrators

"A while ago I was researching one evening on the internet trying to find EOG strategies, insight, or hints to use in the classroom when I came across your site. I immediately placed my order and ever since - it has been wonderful! First of all, my students have loved the book since I purchased it. In fact, I have 3 students who have actually purchased it themselves! It is great because from the minute I read the title of the book, it sparked their curiosity. While reading, it is amazing how well they tune in to me because they do not want to miss anything. Did I forget to mention how hilarious it is!! One day, my students (and I) were laughing so hard that some classes down the hall could hear us! Kudos to the author for doing a great job of creating a story that is amusing yet connected to NC Standard Course of Study. Other parts of the book I like are the Knowledge Nuggets! They are awesome tidbits to share. Additionally, I love the questions at the end of each chapter because they are correlated with Bloom's and I always get great responses from the students. In my classroom, this book is a hit!"

- Donnis Hauser, third grade teacher, Goldsboro, NC

"My students begged each day to hear more of the story. They didn't even complain about answering the questions at the end of the chapters."
-Third Grade Teacher, Clinton, NC

"[My students] loved the book and did not want it to end. They wanted to keep the book and take it home. They were always reading ahead of me because it drew their interest."
- Curriculum Facilitator, Goldsboro, NC

"As soon as I pick up the book, the room is instantly quiet and ready to listen to the story."
- Pamela Anthony, 4th Grade Teacher, Hickory Grove Elementary School, Charlotte, NC

"I loved the math problems throughout the book. They made great teachable moments."
-Third Grade Teacher, Clinton, NC

"The students were very eager to hear more each day. They were upset each time I put the book away. They wanted more!"
- Keri Millinax, Third Grade Teacher, Mission Road Elementary School, Cartersville, GA

"My kids loved it! They were wanting more at the end!"
- Third Grade Teacher, Dalton GA

"There is a wide appeal to students. I love the reference to standards. It helps to understand how to help the children."

"My nine year old struggles with reading comprehension. This story gave my son the opportunity to learn that reading can be fun and educational. He loved the story and laughed continuously throughout it."

"Thank you for providing a wonderful product."
- Parent, Havelock, NC

"My students loved this book! They were excited everyday to read it! I will use it again next year! We read it as a whole class and then they got into small groups to answer the discussion questions at the end of each chapter."
- Third Grade Teacher, Franklinton, NC

"Teachers used the books in centers. Student reactions to the books were fantastic. It was a joy to see students actually read and react to the book. They smiled and laughed with actual comments to each other."
- Tawana Phillips-Taylor, Academic Coach, Hollydale Elementary School, Marietta, GA

"My students were engaged throughout the entire book!"
- Third Grade Teacher, Trenton, GA
"One of my students couldn't decide what was their favorite part of the book because the whole book was so good."
- Third Grade Teacher, Dade County, GA

"All of my students were engaged and wanted to read ahead. They loved it and wanted to know about Part 2."

"It tickled the kids to pieces! Most of them were eager to answer the thought-provoking questions."
- Christy Vaughn, Third Grade Teacher, Davis Elementary School, Trenton, GA

"My students begged each day to hear more of the story. They laughed out loud, and were actively involved in discussions. They didn't even complain about answering the questions at the end of the chapters. I loved the math problems throughout the book. They made great teachable moments. I love this book and will use it as long as I'm teaching 3rd grade."
-Third Grade Teacher, Clinton, NC